Thursday, 9 September 2010

One Last Day

Early morning tomorrow, I would have left India. To undertake a journey which will keep me away from my country for the longest period till date. And although I am typing this, I realize that it has still not sunk in ... I am going away.

Yesterday night, when I was returning after a evening filled with beer-drinking and merry-making, sitting in Harman's car with all my friends; listening to Punjabi songs; driving the roads of Delhi in the night when it had just stopped raining. That's when I realized that I was going to miss all of it -- all of India. I was part of India and India was a part of me. Beer makes you philosophical, I guess.

So I flip the page of my life's book and begin a new chapter ... wish me luck!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hypocrisy of Welfare

I want to help the poor, but I won't. 
I will not give money to the charity-worker; he might be swindling me.
I will not give alms to the beggar; he looks fit and could work.
I will not buy from the poor person selling balloons; I don't need balloons.
I want to help the poor, but I won't.